6 Interesting Articles You May Have Missed This Week

1. Life After Death

"The world is beginning to forget about Ebola.  The village of Barkedu can't."


2. Feed the World 2015: Four Themes to Frame an Important Year for Food Security

"2015 feels like the closing chapter in a book that is still unfinished.  We have the ability to give it a happy ending, but not quite worked out how."


3. Why Tell Stories - Or Rather, Why I Tell Stories

"The beauty of stories is that they bring in the complexity and the mess of lived experience."


4. FP's Guide to the Oscars' Foreign Film Nominees

"Among the pomp and glitz of the annual Academy Awards...nominees for the best foreign film provide a reality check of how life abroad may veer into the dismal, occasionally absurd, and also heart-wrenchingly beautiful."


5. Sharp Rise in Occupational Therapy Cases at New York's Schools

"They're capable...we just have to figure out what kinds of support they need to get there."


6. The Future of Agriculture? Smart Farming

"I would like to highlight the fact...that the aim should not be 'industrializing' agriculture, but make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and of high quality."