My love of rosemary began in the family garden, a passion of my mother and mine. Growing up in a large family, and being the youngest daughter, I had the luxury of tending the garden and learning to cook and bake.  During the growing season we used as many fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden as possible, and rosemary was always one of my favoritesIts aroma would instantly awaken my senses, and even almost entice me to eat the roasted chicken it was being rubbed on (a self-proclaimed vegetarian since age 8). Rosemary would go into our stuffing, eggs, and family-favorite rosemary-lemon muffins.

This love of growing and cooking with this remarkable herb has extended into my love of tea. Rosemary wakes me up naturally in the morning, and gives me the lift needed in the afternoon. Try steeping it by itself or blending it into a Rwandan black tea (smooth and medium body) or a Chinese White Tea, two blends that allow for caffeine in addition to rosemary’s health benefits.


Rosemary is said to:

  • Be an antioxidant that is healthy for the brain in the prevention of Alzheimer’s
  • Prevent blood clots and strokes
  • Be high in Calcium and B6
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory (good for those aching muscles, joint pains, and menstrual cramps)
  • Help prevent asthma
  • Improve the function of the liver
  • Ease headaches
  • Stimulate and aid in concentration and focus